This site is dedicated to the memory of John M. Kelly Sr., who was born December 27th, 1929, and passed away on November 12th, 2010, at the age of 80. His life touched many others, and in this way, this site will allow his memory to live on. He was a teacher just as much in school as he was at home. He was an unassuming man who believed in the equality of others, and always had a generous, giving spirit. If he had any assumptions, it was that we all had an obligation to help each other out while we had only so much time alive. If you are a relative, or a former student, please contact us so we may add to this site. Mr. Kelly was full of anecdotes and knowledge, and would have loved to have a place to share them all.  Mrs. Kelly helped make this page with loving care. Dad, Mom had called for you. She told you to stop being obstinate and bring the car around to pick her up. She put her hat on, and waited for five days, and on October 17th at 11:35am she walked into your arms in heaven, pain free and peacefully. May you both rest in peace eternally. Mom, I will say the prayer of St. Jude as I promised for you every night. I love you both and will do everything in my power to live up to the roles you both lived by.


Lord be praised, as I'm amazed

to see how things have mended!

Cakes and pies before my eyes

where porridge was intended!